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I am still a mother Part I

When I first loss my son, I was angry, depressed, and felt that family and friends didn't want anything to do with me. I always felt that I was there for everyone else but the one time I needed someone to be there for me they weren't. Don't get me wrong, I had quite a few people that were in my corner and I had to realize that, that’s all that mattered. I started searching on social networks for women who were just like me. In my heart, I felt that no one but them would understand. I would search #pregnancyandinfantloss , #miscarriage and other tags related to a pregnancy loss. While searching I came across The Camryn Averie Foundation. Their mission is to provide spiritual support to families suffering through pregnancy and infant loss. I was intrigued by their website because they also give scholarships to young single mothers between the ages of 18-25! When I saw that I thought about Dream Girls instantly! I was so inspired by this mother who was turning her pain into purpose. I was honored to interview her for part one of I am still a mother series. Here is what Mrs. Littlejohn had to say......

Name: Kelli Littlejohn

Where are you from: Cleveland, Ohio

Where do you currently live: Cleveland, Ohio

1. When did you become an angel mommy? Camryn Averie Littlejohn was born an angel on February 2, 2015.

2. How did losing your baby change your life? I look at life differently, I have 3 other children and I decreased my hours at work to spend more time with them. Camryn helped me realize there is so much more than the busy life we live. At one point I wanted to commit suicide but God saw differently.

3. How do you feel the hospitals supported you after your loss? Hillcrest hospital was extremely supportive. I had to give birth to Camryn and they gave my husband Corey and I time to grieve.

4. Did you ever experience negative comments from others? I have had people tell me it is time to get over her loss and move on. I'm not sure how one can "get over" or "move on from anyone's death let alone a child's.

5. How did your loss affect your friendships and relationships? I have a very loving support system. I am usually the extremely strong one and they allowed me to be weak. They prayed for my husband and I during our storm.

6. What are you doing to turn your pain into purpose? My husband and I created the Camryn Averie Foundation. This foundation focuses on showing support to families that are grieving from the loss of pregnancy and infant loss.

7. What do you want others to know about your baby? My baby lived. We had a relationship. She moved when she heard my voice. I knew her she knew me. Camryn has to sister and a brother who love and miss her just as much as her mom and dad do. We think about her everyday.

8. What advice can you give a grieving mother? Pray. God is the only person that can feel your pain the way you feel it. You have so much to love for and your baby is watching your every step. He or she is so proud of the progress you've made and are still making. Your story will strengthen and help others in a way you could never imagine.

9. Do you still consider yourself a mother? I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful babies. One just happens to live with our heavenly father.

Please visit for more information on this incredible angel mommy.


Camryn Averie's Mommy

#infantloss #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #pregnancyandinfantloss

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