I am still a mother Part II

President Ronald Reagan said it best when parents lose a child, there isn't a word that describes them. But I can think of one word to describe every parent who has loss a child, STRONG! It really takes a strong individual to get up every day after losing a child. When your heart is broken but you still somehow find the strength to get up and help another grieving parent. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Domonique Perkins from Greensboro Alabama. I started following her on Instagram and I was amazed at her strength. It’s tough but she’s strong and she’s turning her pain into purpose. Here is what she had to say.....

1. When did you become an angel mommy? I became an angel mother on April 8, 2014

2. How did losing your baby change your life? Losing Antony changed my life dramatically! There was a point in which I felt I had no purpose. Having him taken away tested my faith. I took that experience and turned it into something great. I found out my purpose and regained my faith.

3. How do you feel the hospitals supported you after your loss?

I felt as the hospital nurses were beyond amazing. I cried and one nurse in particular, Amber, cried with me. It meant a lot having the support from complete strangers.

4. Did you ever experience negative comments from others?

No I did not receive negative comments from others. My friends and family were my lifeline through the first few months, which were the hardest for me.

5. How did your loss affect your friendships and relationships?

The loss made my friendships and relationship better. My friends never left my side and my fiancé couldn't have been a greater person to experience this with. Of course no one knew how to bring up the topic without feeling like they were bringing up something bad. I had to let them know it was ok. I love talking about my baby.

6. What are you doing to turn your pain into purpose?

I am working on different projects to ensure everyone that has loss a baby has comfort and someone they can talk to about it that will not place judgement. I will make sure the world knows about my child. My "Remembering Antony Foundation" will help mothers that have experienced a loss, help them with burial cost, or anything they need to get through such a trying time. Also I want to educate women on the signs to look out for and let women know this can happen to anyone, even through what seems a perfect pregnancy.

7. What do you want others to know about your baby?

I want others to know I had a beautiful healthy baby boy that now lives through me! He was born healthy at 6lbs and born sleeping. I will make sure everyone knows about my son!

8. What advice can you give a grieving mother?

I would let all grieving mothers know they're not alone. This is something they can get through. Times will be hard but they can get through it. Have a good support center and yak about it. I've learned keeping things deep inside only makes the issue worse. Talk about your child. Tell the world about your child. It's ok not to be ok.

9. Do you still consider yourself a mother?

I am definitely a mother. I have a beautiful angel that looks over me named Antony Michael.


Antony's Mommy

IG: @rememberingantony

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