I am still a mother Part V

I appreciate all my friends and family. Especially those who are always encouraging and supporting me no matter what. My name twin Tammira, always texts me and tells me how proud she is of me and that I always have her support. She doesn't know how those texts can sometimes turn a bad day around. The other day she texted me and sent me the Instagram info for Kamaya who is also TI's niece. She told me that she was an angel mommy also, and that I should reach out to her for Elijah's Hope. Kamaya may be the niece of Grammy award winning rapper TI but she is also the CEO of PPrim Agency. They speciailize in public relations services to help grow your business.

I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure if she would respond. To my surprise, Kamaya responded right away to my DM and said she would love to participate!!! I was excited that she was willing to share her story with me. I know its not easy for mother who have loss a child to talk about it with people they don't know. This isn't easy for me to do, but if I can help someone else I feel like I have done my part. I want to change the way the world views pregnancy and infant loss. I want to help that woman who is afraid to speak up and share their story. One day at a time I will make a difference. Please take a moment to read Chayce's mommy story and if you think you could benefit from her services, her contact info is below!

Name: Kamaya Chapman Where are you from: born and raised in Atlanta, Ga Where do you currently live: Atlanta, Ga 1. When did you become an angel mommy?

I became an angel mommy on March 3, 2009.

2. How did losing your baby change your life?

It changed my life because I was really preparing myself to be a mommy. Once I found out I was pregnant I didn't go out as much. I just stopped doing a lot of things.

3. How do you feel the hospitals supported you after your loss?

Honestly, 6 years later I wish I could turn back the hands of time.. I didn't properly bury my son like I wish I had.. I allowed the hospital to take care of him solely because no one other than friends knew I was pregnant, I was away at college in Mississippi...

4. Did you ever experience negative comments from others?

Hmm no lol like literally no one knew I was pregnant but my bestfriend's & my child's father.

5. How did your loss affect your friendships and relationships?

It affected my relationship with my sons father.. Let me explain.. I was dating a guy in college everyone knew that he was my boyfriend, we broke up I was hurt and vulnerable and messed around with "just a friend". After finding out that I was with child I told my "friend" & he was mad saying that the baby wasn't his! It was weird and I was in a weird situation I didn't have the support from him as much as I wanted because he didn't believe it was his.. Just crazy

6. What are you doing to turn your pain into purpose?

Well now I'm beginning to talk about it more, most of my family and friends are starting to know about it and during my daily routine I allow it to motivate me, push me to be better, push me to talk to other angel mommies.

7. What do you want others to know about your baby?

My baby was special. He stayed alive for 4 whole hours, he didn't pass right away. He opened his eyes and cried like all other babies. I felt that he knew I wasn't prepared and didn't want to be a burden and he closed his eyes and went on back to heaven so that he could be that #1 supporter I was going to need.

8. What advice can you give a grieving mother?

Smile. Talk to your child. Let it motivate you to do whatever it is that you would want to do... Many times we tend to beg family and friends for support when we have that #1 angel that is going to forever be in our hearts.

9. Do you still consider yourself a mother? Yes, only because Chayce, stayed alive for 4 hours..I didn't miscarry and it wan't a stillbirth. He was alive for 4 hours, he got a chance to see the world for the little 4 hours he blessed us with his presence I also have a big scar on my stomach reminding me of what happened on March 3, 200


Chayce's Mommy

How can people reach out to you?

My email Kamaya.chapman@gmail.com

Ig: Kamayadaplug

Facebook: Kamaya chapman

Twitter: kamayaPR

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