I am still a mother Part VII

I truly hope you all have learned something from each story that has been posted. Notice that each story is different; however, they all share one thing in common, the pain of losing a child. It's an indescribable pain that I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. I admire the mothers who have allowed me the opportunity to interview them for this blog. I know you're probably thinking, when is she going to tell her story. I will in due time :-). Its amazing the number of people you meet via social media. When I started this Foundation I never realized how many people I would meet that were angel mommies and were willing to speak up about their baby.

I read a post a few days ago that said a miscarriage and a stillbirth are two different things. While I do agree with the statement, I feel that angel mommies regardless of the development of each baby should stick together. We should be there for one another, to support one another. Some of the comments I read on the post were irrelevant. No pain is greater than the other, Us angel mommies need to stick together. Read Ingrid's story below....

Name: Ingrid Santana

Where are you from: Dominican Republic Descent

Where do you currently live: Brooklyn, New York

1. When did you become an angel mommy? 06/05/14

2. How did losing your baby change your life? I'm aware of the cruelties in life, I am no longer in the mind frame "It can't happen to me". I just feel an emptiness that can't be filled. All I want to know is why me?

3. How do you feel the hospitals supported you after your loss? They didn't support me at all. They didn't do anything for my daughter.. I have no keepsakes no nothing it's like she didn't even exist.

4. Did you ever experience negative comments from others? Yes all the time. They expect me to just get over it. They are always wondering why am I not the same happy go lucky person I was before but how can I be? When I've lost a part of me I never thought I'd lose.

5. How did your loss affect your friendships and relationships? My friendships are nonexistent. My friends didn't want to hear about my daughter and I find that unacceptable. My relationship with my husband is stronger then ever though we keep each other grounded and sane.

6. What are you doing to turn your pain into purpose? I spread awareness as much as possible even though I am looked as negative because I do this.

7. What do you want others to know about your baby? My Leilani was the most wanted baby! We planned her and celebrated her brief life. She has made me a better person. Although I am sad she isn't here she has opened my eyes to so many things. She is also my guardian Angel.. The doctors told me that it was either her or more, and she died so that I can live. Amazing how someone whom has never walked this earth can save another.

8. What advice can you give a grieving mother? Don't be afraid to feel.. Feel whatever it is you are feeling, when we try to hide these feelings or control them that is when we lose it. Grief is hard but if it's not faced it's even harder. Face it head on it's the only way to reach a common ground.

9. Do you still consider yourself a mother? Yes I do. I will always be a mother whether my child is alive or not.. I live for her so for as long as I shall live Leilani will live in me.


Leilani's Mommy

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